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On the Yellow course, Ocknell

July 05  MapRun League results (week 4) published

June 25 There is a new short course for juniors & old crocks like me, around Stour Meadows in Blandford, parking & Start/Finish in the free car park behind Tesco.

June 19 WIM & WSX have decided to cancel the Caddihoe Chase weekend advertised in the latest edition of CompassSport magazine. We hope to be able to re-stage it next year. If circumstances allow the resumption of our sport by then, we hope to be able to hold low key event(s) over the Oct 03/04 weekend this year.

June 08 (updated June 10)Weekly MapRun Competition and League We've decided to start a weekly Maprun competition & League over the Summer. Our Club Captain, Rob Mills, explains below;-"  
Given we now have quite a number of MapRun courses up and running, we thought we would try to encourage participation by introducing a fun weekly competition and league open to all.
Every week, we will nominate a MapRun course for the competition.  The courses and pertinent dates are detailed below.  All the courses selected are a 60 min score format.  Please ensure you load the correct course detailed below as some areas have a number of different MapRun courses.  Please also read any pertinent courses notes re car parking, missing control features etc that can be found on the WIM MapRun page where you download and print out your maps. 

Apart from the first week, you will have 9 days (note change from earlier guidance) from Saturday morning until the following week Sunday night to run the course.  We have modified the duration and introduced an overlap to help full-time workers have two full weekends to complete any course and enable competitors to run two different courses on the same weekend.

The highest score for the week will be awarded 50 points, the second highest score 49 points etc with equal scores being ranked on time taken.  Your result will be as recorded by the MapRun App.  We will publish results on a weekly basis including a cumulative league table.  Your highest 6 scores out of the 12 events will count towards your final league position.

At all times, please respect social distancing and any other pertinent regulations/guidance for your safety and the safety of others.  You may run the course more than once in the week but only your first run will count for the competition.  Given the maps and courses we will be using are already available on MapRun and some people will have run the courses already, please feel free to study the map and routes used previously via MapRun but to make it fair, please do not look at any routes used by other competitors during the competition week before you have undertaken your run.

Week 1: 8-14 June – Upton 60min Score     Week2: 13-21 June - Verwood North Short
Week 3: 20-28 June – Blandford Stour Meadows Short  Week 4: 27-5 July – Wimborne By the Way Short
Week 5: 4-12 July – Poole Town Score      Week 6: 11-19 July - Boscombe Short
Week 7: 18-26 July - Shillingstone Short   Week 8: 25-2 August - Gillingham Score
Week 9: 1-9 August - Canford Heath Short     Week 10: 8-16 August - Shaftesbury OOM Test
eek 11: 15-23 August - Sturminster Newton Short   Week 12: 22-30 August - Bridport MapRun Short

Hope this makes sense.  All questions, queries or suggestions re the competition and league to myself at  Please see WIM website for guidance on MapRun if you have not yet used it.
Good luck, stay safe and have fun!

Best regards

June 08 There is now a new shorter course suitable for Juniors, Novices (and old crocks like me!) around the Blandford Milldown. Parking and start/finish at the Milldown car park.

June 06 There is a new MapRun course for Gillingham uploaded,courtesy Chris Branford & Jason Falconer, parking adn Start near the Library/Waitrose, and Julie Astin has just produced a course for Poole Town (parking and Start/Finish at the Baiter car park).

June 05 Alan Blanchflower of WWX has produced a MapRun course for Upton, starting in the Country Park. This replaces the WIM/WSX Club Evening scheduled for Mon June 8th. More information on the WSX website and on our Facebook Public page.

June 04 There is a new course for Blandford, using an Open Street Map, with post boxes as controls. The challenge: to visit all 15 on them inside the hour.

May 30 There are now a Score course and an Odds/Evens courses around Queens & Kings Parks, Bournemouth, parking in the usual car park at the Queens Park golf club.

May 21 We've just uploaded a MapRun course for Shaftesbury which has been made at 1:10 000 using the Open Orienteering street map system. This is a Test course but we aren't anticipating any problems.

May 20  Courtesy of Jolyon & Lyra Medlock (WSX)  there is now a MapRun course for Tisbury.

May 10 We've added an extra MapRun course around the southern part of Bridport. This is a Wayfarers course, an easier course with a 90 minute time limit, aimed at walkers, newcomers and complete beginners.

May 08 Courtesy Julie Astin & WSX, there are now MapRun courses around Boscombe.

May 03 There is a new WSX MapRun course around Canford Heath, courtesy Dale Paget, downloadable from the WSX website or our MapRun page.

April 26 There is now a MapRun training course for Bridport. Many thanks to Mike Kite for planning this.

April 21 Courtesy of Ian Sayer & WSX, we've added a course in Christchurch. This map will also appear shortly on the WSX website. Unlike the rest of the courses so far, which are Score courses, this is a 5.3k line course. Shortly, for our members in W Dorset, we hope to have a course around Bridport, courtesy of Mike Kite.

April 02 We've now added Sturminster Newton and Wimborne BytheWay to our MapRun courses. Any suggestions or requests for other WIM areas? 

Mar 30  We've now published the first of our series of individual MapRun training courses, initially covering maps of Blandford, Verwood & Shillingstone. Sturminster Newton follows shortly as does a course for Wimborne. The club emphasises that these courses are only for use by people who can reach them whilst still obeying the government directives on travel and excercise. If you have any suggestions for other areas to be addded, please contact Chris Branford or the Webmaster. 
Once, eventually, travel restrictions are eased, the courses will then be available for club training until regular orienteering events can be held again.

Mar 30 British Orienteering have asked all clubs to cancel all event fixtures, . Consequently the projected events in Wimborne on April 7, the SEOUL event on April 18, and the Dorset Schools Champs   & World Orienteering Day events are all cancelled.
 we have planned a number of MapRun courses which are now available for individual use. More areas will be added in the next few weeks
The club's permanent courses are presumably still available if you live within walking distance of them  Meanwhile, stay safe and watch this space for further updates.

Older pre-Covid news:-

Mar 15 Provisional Results for the CompassSport Cup & Trophy heat at Cranham today show that WIM have won the Trophy competition. Well done and thanks to everyone who ran for the club today.

Feb 29  Thanks to everyone who helped today at the TrailO day. Results now up on website

Feb 17 We've decided to refund  entry fees for Ocknell and try again in January next year: given that we only get limited access to the New Forest, there are no other suitable slots in the fixture list this year. More details shortly.

Feb 16 The conditions out in the woods on the Yellow & Orange courses, and the parking at Ocknell this morning! (photos-Kirsty Staunton)

Feb 13  The Ocknell event on Sunday 16th Feb has had to be postponed.The event officials state "Unfortunately, on safety grounds, we have reluctantly had to take the decision to postpone the event to another day. Our planner, an experienced weather forecaster, states that the ‘current forecast is heavy rain and 60mph gusts on Sunday morning ‘ and that all available forecasts, from the Met Office, BBC and the European weather services are agreed on this. Heavy rain is expected for the 24 hours before hand on land which is still saturated from the storms last weekend, meaning most of the major streams on the area will probably be uncrossable by Sunday as well. There are streams to cross on all the courses. Decisions on when/if we can rearrange the event, and refunds etc will be taken at a later date, but we felt we needed to make and publish the decision to cancel promptly rather than leaving things until the last minute.    Michelle Spillar, Planner    Kirsty Staunton Organiser      Ian Sayer (WSX) Controller"

Jan 13   Provisional Results for the Fordingbridge Night League event are now available

Jan07    Fordingbridge Night League event - flyer updated, rules for event added, Menu for pub aftweards added.

Jan 03     A Happy New Year to all our readers.