Membership for 2022

British Orienteering (BOF) changed its membership structure in 2013, with membership fees being drastically reduced over previous years. However to balance this, the levy which is paid to British Orienteerg from entry fees at each event was increased. The SWOA membership fee was abolished, but the SWOA levy also increased. At the BOF AGM in April 2018, following a cut in Sport England's funding for BOF from 2017 onwards, membership was increased to £11 for seniors and £5 for juniors, whilst the levy was increased to £1.50 per person per event (3 juniors = 1 senior).

To join Wimborne Orienteers you can now join online via the British Orienteering Website,  specifying 'WIM' as your club and ticking the box for National membership or Local memberships or by downloading and completing a membership form. Membership includes a payment to  Wimborne Orienteers (WIM). The total for 2017 is as follows: 


  British Orienteering SWOA WIM Total
Senior £15 - £5 £20
Junior (M/W 20 and under) £5 - £1 £6









If you are not a member of an orienteering club, you may compete as an independent (IND) up to a maximum of three events before you are expected to join a club. British Orienteering's public liability insurance covers its members competing in all events registered with BOF, and beginners who are not club members up to a maximum of three events. At that point you may no longer be covered by BOF insurance.

As a 'National' member you may take part in any event in any part of the UK at a reduced rate fee. The reduced rate is always £2 less per adult per event.

The Wimborne Orienteers catchment area is located next to the regional boundary with the South Central OA (SCOA), and most members frequently compete in events run by clubs in SCOA.. As a result of this situation, the club suggests that most members join as National members. 

If you have any queries please contact the Club Membership Secretary on 01425 474861