Gillingham Permanent course - opening soon (Still waiting for Start/Finish markers & Map Board to be installed. All other markers are in place)

arking at Gillingham Town Library & Museum or Waitrose. Chantry Fields,Gillingham, Dorset SP8 4UA - opening in early September.
You will be able to borrow maps from the Library or from Waitrose or download and print your own map from the link below. The course uses the OrientO app (

There are three courses:
Accessible Course (3.0k  All controls by paths)
Long (3.6k with some controls off paths)
Score Course  (Find all 25 controls in ANY order)

Download the Map  &   Control Descriptions           Instructions

We acknowledge support from Dorset Public Health (North Dorset) & Gillingham Town Council, supported by Gillingham Action group, Gillingham Mayor & other Councillors, local Parks Dept, local GP action group (Social prescribing & Well-being) in establishing this facility.