Summer League

Dorset Summer MapRun Summer League 2024   - Full details     Summer League scores after May round

The Dorset 2024 Summer MapRun League and Dorset 2024 Summer League will be run & organised jointly by WSX & WIM with WSX organising 3 MapRun events and 3 physical events in April, June & August and WIM organising 3 MapRun events and 3 physical events in May, July & September. Rob Mills from WIM will act as the overall co-ordinator for the 2024 Dorset Summer MapRun League and 2024 Dorset Summer League whilst Jason Falconer from WSX will act as the overall co-ordinator and BOF liaison for the 2024 Find Your Way programme.

The Dorset 2024 MapRun Summer League will run over calendar month blocks from start of April to end of September, giving 6 events in total. 
Competitors will be able to run the course at any time in the one-month window for their result to count for the league.  The course format for all 6 events will be a 60-minute score. 
Scoring will be as previous MapRun leagues with first place getting 50 points, second place 49 points, etc.  The best 4 scores will count for the league.  Planners of league events will be awarded 49 points but only for one event in the 2024 Dorset 2024 Summer MapRun League series.  Age Graded results and league tables will also be produced.

For all the Dorset 2024 Summer MapRun League events, competitors will download and print their own maps. Maps may be downloaded from the links below

Senior competitors will be charged £15 to enter the League (6 events) whilst junior competitors (M/W20-) will be free.  Entry and payment for the league for senior competitors will be via RaceSignUp.  Senior competitors will only appear in the individual event results and league tables from when they enter the league.

Under 16 competitors need to be accompanied for safety reasons.

Monday 1st April until Tuesday 30th April – Upton (WSX)  Map  Descriptions & Points  Parking at main UCP car park. Start/Finish is at large tree at south of the car park. Points values are: 1-10 worth 10 points; 11-20 worth 20 points; 21-30 worth 30 points.
N.B There are several Upton courses on the MapRun server:make sure you download the file 
Upton Summer League 2024

Wednesday 1st May until Friday 31st May – Poundbury (WIM)  Its an A3 size map so there is a choice of map files depending on whether you have an A3 printer, or an A4 printer.
 Map A3    Map A4 Top   Map A4 Bottom    Control Descriptions  

The Start and Finish are close to the Pip Café and Meeting Hub on ‘The Great Field – Poundbury’ Tel 01305 259142

Plenty of parking (free) on Saint John Way, Dorchester DT1 2FG by the Surgery and Pharmacy. Café  is brilliant for refreshments after (and before if you are in need)  Toilets on end of block
Usual 60 minute score course with 30 controls numbered 1 – 30 Points 1 – 10 10 points, 11 – 20 20 points, 21 – 30 30 points, total 600 points
Start and finish on the ‘sit and rest’ round small building. N.B. Control 21 is playing up a bit and you may need to go another 10/15m south for it to ping.

In MapRun, the event is Poundbury MapRun 2024 PXAS ScoreN60  Planned by Cat Edwardes (DEVON) for our enjoyment to whom we are very grateful

Saturday 1st June until Sunday 30th June – Wareham (WSX)
Instructions     Control Descriptions       Map A4 1:7500        Map 2xA4 1:6 000      Map A3 1:6 000


Monday 1st July until Wednesday 31st July – West Moors (WIM)

Thursday 1st August until Saturday 31st August – Bearwood (WSX)

Sunday 1st September until Monday 30th September – Ringwood North (WIM)





Dorset Summer MapRun Summer League 2023

Final League tables after all 12 events   (up to and including the Christchurch event)  including the age graded table 
League administrator Rob Mills writes...
1.  Congratulations to James and Karen for winning the overall senior male & female Open categories.
 Also congratulations to Harry (who was also 3rd senior male) and Eskarina for winning the junior male & female Open categories

2. Congratulations to Roger for winning the overall Age Graded category and well done to all the age category winners
3. A Big thank you to all the planners/organisers and everyone who helped make the 2003 Dorset MapRun League happen and be such a success.
4. A special thank you to Chris for all his time & effort behind the scenes with MapRun & Jason for co-ordinating the FYW initiative
5. I plan to write a review of the 2003 Dorset MapRun League and associated summer physical events and provide this to both WIM & WSX Committees to form the basis of discussions of what we should look to do in 2024

MapRun courses which produce results and league tables now incur levy charges from British Orienteering and we also have to pay a small charge to the MapRun organisation for keeping our files on their servers. Initially this cost was absorbed by the club, but from Summer 2023 we feel the need to pass on some of the costs to our clientele, so entry to the series, via Racesignup, is £20 for as many of the 12 planned events as you choose to compete in.  Read the competition details here.

Download the Dorset MapRun League 2023 courses here  
Map files will be available for download two or three days before each new race, starting from March 29th for the April 1st event.


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