Club Officials

Committee (2021-2022) 
To send an email to a committee member just add after the @ symbol.

Chairman   Kevin Pickering      chairman@
Secretary   Philip Harvey         secretary@
Treasurer   Karen French        treasurer@

 Committee members                                       
                    Andrew French   publicity@
                    Chris Branford    admin@                
                    John Warren       membership@
                    Dick Keighley     webmaster@
MailChimp   Kath Pike             mailchimp@
Club Captain/  Rob Mills        fixtures@
Fixtures Sec

Not committee
Membership Secretary  John Warren       membership@
Coaching                       Kirsty Staunton     coaching@ 
Website & Schools        Dick Keighley       webmaster@
Social Secretary            Trevor Bridle         social@
Waffle Editors               Mike & Mary Kite   waffle@
Child Protection/           Hilary Pickering      welfare@
Welfare Officer